Build on Your Lot

Landmark Fine Homes is your builder if you plan to build on your own land. No matter if you already own your lot or acreage or if you need our help to find it, Landmark is your partner if you want to build a home on your own lot. We have the floor plans and expertise to make your plans reality.

So many people have a vision of what their dream home should look like but do not know where to get started. Even more homeowners have told us they want to find “that perfect spot” but haven’t had any luck on their own. That is where we come in- we can help with both!

Here are a few tips:


When selecting a piece of land, Landmark Fine Homes can come out and do a free lot inspection. This allows you, as the future homeowner, to know what all costs will be involved. So many people do not consider the land preparation, utilities, roads, etc. before buying a piece of property. Unfortunately, many are left with a piece of land they love but are never able to afford to build on.


If you haven’t been able to find that perfect property, contact one of our New Home Consultants. We can do the leg work for you and try to narrow down a location.


Before you consider buying a floor plan off of the internet, it is important to remember that some of those plans are designed in other parts of the country and they do not meet the building standards in Oklahoma. Our ‘build on your lot’ floor plans do, and can be customized as needed. What is even better is we can walk you through the floor plans so you can envision how it looks once it is built and don’t just have to rely on a paper drawing. If we do not have exactly what you are wanting we can refer you to local design groups that specialize in building in Oklahoma.

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