What to Look for in a House Cleaner

It’s easy to understand why you’d want to hire a house cleaner. Maybe it’s getting harder to get down and really scrub the floor, or maybe you work too much to keep up with the housework. Of course, you might just want to spend your time doing things you enjoy more than cleaning your house! While understanding the reasons is easy, what’s not always easy is finding a good house cleaner. Here, we offer some tips to help you with your search.

  • Ask around. Rather than doing an internet search for cleaning services, talk to your friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Think about who has the cleanest house you know, and ask for recommendations. You can also read online reviews, but take these with a grain of salt. House cleaner services that have a slew of perfect reviews might be paying someone to write them, while a scathing review could indicate a personal grudge. It’s better to get the opinion of people you know and trust.
  • Look for a company that’s bonded and insured. Look for a cleaning service that provides worker’s compensation if one of their people is injured and can cover the costs of any damage done to your home. A reputable company will happily provide proof of being bonded and insured. While you’re asking, you might also want to ask about the company’s affiliations with professional organizations, accreditation, and any awards they’ve received.
  • Pay attention to how the cleaning service communicates. When you leave a message, you should get a prompt response. When you speak to the house cleaner before scheduling a walk-through, you should feel comfortable. After all, this is a person you’ll be trusting with your home.Be prepared with a list of questions, including:
    • Do you charge by the service, hourly, or with a flat fee?
    • What’s the policy on cancellation or changing services?
    • How long have you been cleaning houses? 
    • Do your employees undergo background checks?
    • What’s the consensus on how much to tip the house cleaner?
    • Who supplies the cleaning products, and what kind do you use?
    • Where should my pets be while you’re cleaning?
  • Make sure the company offers the services you need. Everyone has different requirements for a house cleaning service. Some need the cleaners to come once a month, others prefer every week. The needs of people with kids and/or pets are going to be different from those of a retired couple. Discuss the services offered by the company and find out if you can customize them to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.
  • Be clear about who will be in your house. Some cleaning services carefully screen their workers, while others take a very casual approach about who is doing the work. Some companies have employees and can send the same person to your home every time. Others hire contract workers who have a lower level of oversight. If that’s the case, you may not know who will be coming to clean your house.
  • Go for a house cleaner who guarantees you’ll be happy with the results. Talk to the cleaning company about breakage, damage, and satisfaction guarantees. Will they make it right if something goes wrong? How will they fix the problem if you’re not happy with the cleaning job?

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