What to Look for in a Handyman

Let’s face it: some of us were born to fix things and others should probably not even try. What’s more, even the most die-hard do-it-yourself-er needs some help from time to time. For a senior, handyman services may be needed simply because you can’t do the things you used to do on your own. If you’re looking for an expert to fix the things you need to get done more efficiently, follow these seven helpful tips for finding a reliable handyman.

  1. Look for someone who can do what you need to have done. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to be specific about what you need when you’re interviewing people for the job. Handyman services may have a different meaning to you than it does to your neighbor, so you might get a recommendation for someone who is great with a hammer and nail but doesn’t know the first thing about plumbing.
  2. Choose someone who is honest about what he can and can’t do. Even a jack of all trades has weak spots, so while you’re asking for what you need, make sure the handyman is willing to admit what’s beyond his or her capabilities. Someone who assures you he can do everything is not being straightforward.
  3. Be wary of a handyman who asks for payment upfront. Asking for payment in advance of the job is a red flag. When you pay in advance, you have no leverage if the job is not completed to your satisfaction.
  4. Check references. Someone who is skilled and has many years of experience performing local handyman services will have a slew of references, all willing to express satisfaction with the work that was done.
  5. Find a handyman who is certified and insured. You may be looking for affordable handyman, but it’s worth it to pay a little bit extra to hire someone who is licensed and insured. It’s also wise to look for someone who is a member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.
  6. Pay attention to communication. Does the handyman respond promptly to messages? Does he listen to what you’re saying and carefully consider your concerns? Is he dependable? Hire someone who shows up on time, sets clear deadlines, and meets them. 
  7. Get everything in writing before you begin any project. A written contract, with clear pricing and a satisfaction guarantee, is an important part of a solid working relationship.

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