Top 7 Things to Do as Empty Nesters

Happy senior couple having fun while piggybacking in winter day at the park. Copy space.

Parenting never stops, but the look and function of parenthood is constantly evolving—especially when a couple become empty nesters. Suddenly, the time hierarchy shifts, and the daily focus becomes something a little bit foreign. To avoid the pitfalls associated with the transition to empty nesting, and empty nesting syndrome, take time to make a plan for how you will structure your new priorities at home and in your community. The following list of things to do as empty nesters will help ensure there is always something exciting going on in your life!

1. Take a Trip Together

Go on a vacation together, plan a happy honeymoon, and find time to reconnect with your spouse. Getting out of town gives empty nesters a change of scenery and allows them to enjoy new sights in a new way.

2. Spend Time with Friends

It is important to nurture connections with others when the empty nesting stage begins. Friends can bring vitality and laughter to life and help fill in the gaps left by children that are far removed. Interacting with others in similar situations can bring peace and direction during an uncertain time.

3. Explore New Hobbies

Spending time on your interests is important because it helps you feel fulfilled. Many empty nesters turn to volunteer work to help them pass the time once their kids leave home, expanding their circle of friends and range of influence. Being involved in several things that interest you is one way empty nesters can give life meaning after their kids have gone off on their own paths.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Don’t let empty nest syndrome get the better of you. Empty nesting is emotional and it’s normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions from time to time. But getting stuck in negative emotions can take both a physical and mental toll. Make sure you are making time for intentional self-care by eating well, getting daily exercise, and engaging your mind in new challenges. It’s never too late to learn a new instrument, a new language, or learn how to cook a new meal!

5. Bring on the Fun!

Remember those games from when you were first dating? Why not dust them off and play them again now that everyone else has left the house? Try Pictionary or Monopoly or head out for a game on the town golfing, bowling, or some other activity that allows you to let loose and laugh!

6. Establish a New Routine

Many empty nesters find comfort in their routines once the kids have gone off on their own paths, so they should keep up with these routines. Follow the sage advice of ‘early to bed early to rise!’  Routines help ground us when the chaos of change is swirling around us.

7. Consider Joining an Adult Community

The best adult communities are social too. There’s usually a calendar full of events to offer opportunities for residents to get to know one another.

Adult communities vary widely in terms of facilities and amenities (and price), but all share some things in common. Landmark Fine Homes can help connect you to the best adult communities for empty nesters near you! Let us show you how fun this stage of life can be!