Popular Home Styles to Consider for Your Custom Build

popular home styles to consider for your custom build

When you’re shopping for a home or building a custom home with a builder, you may feel like there’s a dizzying array of styles of homes available for you. Without an understanding of home architecture styles, you may feel a little overwhelmed by your options. Here, we’ll look at some popular exterior home styles, so that you can begin to get a feel for which styles appeal to you.  

French Country Style Homes 

French country style homes date back to a time in the 18th century during which France occupied a large swath of eastern North AmericaTypically one-storied, with many windows and paired shutters, this style still influences the design of many homes today. The French country style features steeply pitched roofs, stucco walls, and a half-timbered frame. 

Tudor Style Homes 

Tudor style homes are informed by a modern-day reinvention of Medieval English architecture. Built in one of the most instantly recognizable home architecture styles, Tudor houses have features that include prominent cross gables, decorative half-timbering, a steeply pitched roof, and tall windows with small windowpanes.  

Craftsman Homes 

Craftsman houses are charming bungalows. On the exterior, they have low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, exposed rafters, gables with decorative beams or braces under them, and porches with tapered square columns. Inside, you’ll find tons of interior woodwork, including built-in shelving and seating.  

Ranch Style homes 

Traditional Ranch houses are built with efficiency in mind. Defined by simple floor plans and attached garages, this home style dates back to 1932 but is still popular today. As exterior home styles go, ranch-style houses can appear plain. They have a great potential for additions, though, and are easy to upgrade.  

contemporary style home

Contemporary Style Homes

Contemporary doesn’t necessarily mean contemporary, really. The term refers to architect-designed homes from the 1950s to 1970 and has come to describe many homes built in recent decades. Contemporary style homes tend to have simple forms and geometric lines, reflecting the experimentation dominant in the postwar modern period. Expect plenty of glass, open floor plans, and inventive designs without a lot of elaborate detail. Exposed roof beams and flat or low-pitched roofs are indicative of the contemporary style.  

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