Olympic Games

Let the Olympic Games Begin!

As summer is winding down and the kid’s are getting ready to go back to school why not host your own Olympic Games ?  It’s a great way to bring home what has been on TV for the last several weeks.



Here are some ideas we had:

  • Have your own Opening Ceremony.  Get the kids busy making flags, hats and mascots then parade around to display their creations.  If you live in Carrington Lakes or Valencia go to the park and show off your creations to the neighbors!
  • Here are just a few games we thought of that won’t cost a lot of money: Paper plane folding and throwing, Basket Ball Toss, Obstacle course, Running races of all sorts, or swimming.
  • Closing ceremony:  Make sure you have awards of some kind to give to all the winners.


Let us know if you try it.  We would love to see the pictures of your event!