How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Wanting to add some character or sophistication to your living room but don’t know where to start? Easy. Look to the room’s center of activity: the coffee table. 

Between all of the different styles and decor ideas that exist, you can create thousands of combinations with just a few coffee table decorations. While all of those options can be overwhelming, they don’t have to be! 

The key to decorating your coffee table is to keep it simple. Pick a style or one staple and build the rest of your design from there. Simplicity will help create a cohesive design that ties into the whole room. Coffee table decorations are important because they help complete a room. They’re more than just a coffee table tray or a candle — they’re the finishing touches that add personality and style to a room. 

Are you still overwhelmed by the idea of putting together your own coffee table arrangement? To help, we’ve compiled five easy-to-follow tips that will act as a guide for simply decorating your coffee table. 

Add a Statement Piece

Geometric sculptures or antique decor serve as perfect conversation starters! A statement piece can provide visual appeal while also serving as a base for your other coffee table decor choices. A statement piece can say whatever you want it to. Whether that’s a statement about your home, family, history or even style choices, let the piece do the talking.

Choose Pieces that Are Useful to You

Items like coasters or small storage boxes can be placed on coffee table trays to provide usefulness to your table. These items serve unique purposes like eliminating clutter, providing a place for a cold glass or a soft candle to freshen the scent of a room. Regardless of the intended purpose, make your coffee table useful for you. 

Establish Layers

Create layers by adding differently sized and shaped items to your coffee table. Plants allow you to bring a bit of the outside in and add a variety of height to your coffee table decor. Choosing items that vary in height or shape will also stagger your eye and add layers of attractiveness.

Experiment with Colors and Textures

Coffee table decorations don’t have to be from a matching set. Picking differing textures like wicker baskets or ceramic vases can add variance and opulence to a simple table. Coffee table books or fresh flowers bring in pops of color that can be neatly matched to other areas of a room.

Leave Space for Life

While you may find comfort in piling your coffee table with vases, books, plants and other things, be sure to leave room on your table. Undesigned space gives you a place to prop your feet up or set a book down for a bit. Leaving space for life will create a neatness and intentionality within your coffee table design that is priceless!

With these five tips, you’re sure to decorate a coffee table that you’ll love. Remember to keep it simple and focus on items that provide value or beauty. All of these tips will help you pick coffee table decor that enhances your home. After you’ve put your extravagant ensemble together, consider sprucing up another area of your home by creating an audio room!