How to Care for Your Lawn During the Summer

How to Care for Your Lawn During the Summer

There’s nothing quite like a large expanse of beautiful green lawn to stir pride in the heart of a homeowner. Let that yard grow brown and unsightly, though, and it’s hard to even look the neighbors in the eye. How can you keep your yard gorgeously green all summer long? We’ve got some helpful tips.  

Tip 1: Don’t Cut the Grass too Short

To maintain a healthy lawn, don’t cut the grass too short. A good rule of thumb is to only remove about one-third of the blade of grass. This usually means leaving the grass two to three inches long, depending on the type of grass.  

Tip 2: Keep the Grass Well Hydrated

Your lawn can’t retain its lush, green color if it’s dried out and withered! Grass needs to be deeply watered to stay healthy. Don’t water it every day, but water it deeply once a week and apply more water every two days or so, as needed. Watering it very early in the morning is best because it can dry out during the day and resist fungal diseases.  

Tip 3: Fertilize Correctly

It’s typically recommended to fertilize every six weeks, but you may discover that your lawn grows too quickly when you follow this schedule with traditional fertilizers. Try a fertilizer with a lower nitrogen content and use a mulching mower to help naturally fertilize the lawn. Adjust your fertilizer as needed, asking for expert advice if you’re not sure what to do.  

Tip 4: Repair Any Pet Damage

If you’ve got dogs, they have likely damaged your lawn. Any time dog waste is left on the grass, it over-fertilizes that spot and creates a brown patch. You can buy lawn repair kits, though, that will fix it.  

Tip 5: Keep on Top of Pest Control

Weeds, insects, and diseases can be a major problem, especially during the summer, when weeds like dandelions can take over the lawn and insects come out to play in the warm weather. Brown circles in the lawn could mean brown patch disease, and brown, dead grass could mean an insect infestation. Keep an eye out, and deal with these issues promptly.  

Tip 6: Maintain Your Mower

If your lawnmower is dull and rusty, it’s not going to properly cut your grass. Landscaping contractors will often provide maintenance for your mower, sharpening the blades and changing the oil, filter, and spark plugs. Without regular sharpening, mower blades become dull and tear the grass rather than cutting it. This leaves unsightly brown tips on your grass blades.  

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