Getting your home ready for the winter!

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner! Temperatures will begin to drop so now is a great time to take care of a few items.

Be sure to disconnect all your outside hoses. If you forget, the outside water faucet can freeze and burst your pipes inside the walls. Drain your hoses and store them away for next season.


If you have trees on your property now is the time to trim any dead parts out of them. Trees begin to go dormant this time of year and are less likely to get any disease.

Be sure and clean out your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters during rainstorms can cause water to pool.

Stock up on winter supplies. Make sure you have snow shovels, ice melt, and emergency kits.

Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Now is a great time to replace those batteries.

The first time you turn on your heater you may experience a burning smell. This is due to some dust build up over the summer that is burning off and it is completely normal. This could set your smoke detectors off. Opening a door or window will usually help.


Landmark Fine Homes recommends getting your heat and air serviced at the change of seasons. Contact A-1 Heat and Air today to schedule an appointment.